Currency in 141 Mile House, Canada


Currency in 141 Mile House, Canada is CAD (Dollar) (more about currency in 141 Mile House)

Latitude and Longitude

141 Mile House, Canada is located at 51.9998300 (latitude in decimal degrees), -121.8527700 (longitude in decimal degrees). (more about 141 Mile House latitude and longitude), (more about 141 Mile House gps coordinates)

Alternate Names

Alternate Names for 141 Mile House, Canada:


The elevation of 141 Mile House, Canada is 0 . (more about 141 Mile House elevation)


The population of 141 Mile House, Canada is 0 people. (more about 141 Mile House population)


The time zone id for 141 Mile House, Canada is America/Vancouver. (more about 141 Mile House timezone)

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About Canada

Canada is a country located in NA region. The city capital is Ottawa. The total area in square km is 9984670 and the population is 33679000 people. The currency is CAD (Dollar). The phone prefix is 1. The neighbours are: US

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