Currency in Anjeh Pol, Iran


Currency in Anjeh Pol, Iran is IRR (Rial) (more about currency in Anjeh Pol)

Latitude and Longitude

Anjeh Pol, Iran is located at 36.4692000 (latitude in decimal degrees), 52.2870300 (longitude in decimal degrees). (more about Anjeh Pol latitude and longitude), (more about Anjeh Pol gps coordinates)

Alternate Names

Alternate Names for Anjeh Pol, Iran:


The elevation of Anjeh Pol, Iran is 0 . (more about Anjeh Pol elevation)


The population of Anjeh Pol, Iran is 0 people. (more about Anjeh Pol population)


The time zone id for Anjeh Pol, Iran is Asia/Tehran. (more about Anjeh Pol timezone)

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About Iran

Iran is a country located in AS region. The city capital is Tehran. The total area in square km is 1648000 and the population is 76923300 people. The currency is IRR (Rial). The phone prefix is 98. The neighbours are: TM,AF,IQ,AM,PK,AZ,TR

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