Barbados / North America Region

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The population of Barbados is 285653 people. (more about Barbados population)


Phone prefix for Barbados is +1-246 (more about Barbados phone prefix)


Currency in , Barbados is BBD (Dollar) (more about currency in Barbados)

About Barbados

Barbados is a country located in NA region. The city capital is Bridgetown. The total area in square km is 431 and the population is 285653 people. The currency is BBD (Dollar). The phone prefix is +1-246. The neighbours are:

Cities in Barbados
Yorkshire, Wotton, Worthing, Workhall, Woodbourne, Woman's Bay, Windy Ridge, Windy Hill, Windsor Station, Windsor, Wilson Hill, Wildey, Wilcox, White Hill, Whitehaven, White Hall, Weymouth, Weston, Westmoreland, Well Road, Wellhouse, Welchtown, Welch Town, Welch Town, Welchman Hall, Welches, Waverley Cot, Watts Village, Waterford, Warrens,