Belize / North America Region

Belize Map


The population of Belize is 314522 people. (more about Belize population)


Phone prefix for Belize is 501 (more about Belize phone prefix)


Currency in , Belize is BZD (Dollar) (more about currency in Belize)

About Belize

Belize is a country located in NA region. The city capital is Belmopan. The total area in square km is 22966 and the population is 314522 people. The currency is BZD (Dollar). The phone prefix is 501. The neighbours are: GT,MX

Cities in Belize
Laguna Azul, Zuniga Creek, Zibal Camp, Zayden Creek, Youngs Cay, Young Girl Run, Young Girl, Young Girl, Young Girl, Yo Swamp, Yo Creek, Yo Creek, Yo Chen, Yemeri Creek, Punta Ycacos, Yarborough Lagoon, Yalbac-San Jose Road, Yalbac Hills, Yalbac Creek, Yalbac Camp, Yalbac, Yalbac, Yalbac, Yaha Creek, Xunantunich, Xunantunich, Xpicilha Village, Xpicilha River, Xpicilha Indian Reservation, Xpicilha,