Bouvet Island / Antarctica Region

Bouvet Island Map


The population of Bouvet Island is 0 people. (more about Bouvet Island population)


Phone prefix for Bouvet Island is (more about Bouvet Island phone prefix)


Currency in , Bouvet Island is NOK (Krone) (more about currency in Bouvet Island)

About Bouvet Island

Bouvet Island is a country located in AN region. The city capital is . The total area in square km is 0 and the population is 0 people. The currency is NOK (Krone). The phone prefix is . The neighbours are:

Cities in Bouvet Island
Williams Reef, Cape Valdivia, Store Kari Rock, Spiess Rocks, Sachse Rocks, Rustad Knoll, Rover Anchorage, Posadowsky Glacier, Olav Peak, Norvegia Rock, Norvegia Point, Norris Reef, Mosby Peak, Morrell Reef, Cape Meteor, Lykke Peak, Cape Lollo, Lindsay Reef, Lille Kari Rock, Lars Island, Horntvedt Glacier, Horn Reef, Cape Fie, Cape Circoncision, Christensen Glacier, Cato Point, Bouvetoya, Bouvet Island, Bolle Bay, Benn Skerries,