Brunei / Asia Region

Brunei Map


The population of Brunei is 395027 people. (more about Brunei population)


Phone prefix for Brunei is 673 (more about Brunei phone prefix)


Currency in , Brunei is BND (Dollar) (more about currency in Brunei)

About Brunei

Brunei is a country located in AS region. The city capital is Bandar Seri Begawan. The total area in square km is 5770 and the population is 395027 people. The currency is BND (Dollar). The phone prefix is 673. The neighbours are: MY

Cities in Brunei
Sungai Yul, Sungai Yu, Sungai Yau, Sungai Wasan, Sungai Wasai, Bukit Usong, Sungai Urup, Sungai Ukong, Sungai Ugong, Bukit Udal, Sungai Tutong Merah, Tutong District, Sungai Tutong, Kuala Tutong, Tutong, Bukit Tunjang Pipit, Sungai Tungku, Sungai Tungkadeh, Sungai Tunggulian Kechil, Sungai Tunggulian Besar, Bukit Tunggulian, Sungai Tumasek, Sungai Tudal, Sungai Tuan, Sungai Tropong, Sungai Tingap, Sungai Tiga, Sungai Tidan, Sungai Tian Payau, Sungai Tian,