Christmas Island / Asia Region

Christmas Island Map


The population of Christmas Island is 1500 people. (more about Christmas Island population)


Phone prefix for Christmas Island is 61 (more about Christmas Island phone prefix)


Currency in , Christmas Island is AUD (Dollar) (more about currency in Christmas Island)

About Christmas Island

Christmas Island is a country located in AS region. The city capital is Flying Fish Cove. The total area in square km is 135 and the population is 1500 people. The currency is AUD (Dollar). The phone prefix is 61. The neighbours are:

Cities in Christmas Island
Wright Point, Winifred Beach, Wharton Hill, West White Beach, The Waterfall, Waterfall, Waddell Hill, Vincent Point, Toms Ridge, Toms Point, Taits Vale, Tait Point, Sydneys Dale, Stubbings Point, Stronach Knoll, Stewart Hill, Steep Point, South Point, South Point, Southern Plateau, Smithson Bight, Smith Point, Settlement, Ryan Hill, Runaway Cave, Ross Hill, Rocky Point, Rhoda Beaches, Phosphate Hill, North West Point,