Falkland Islands / South America Region

Falkland Islands Map


The population of Falkland Islands is 2638 people. (more about Falkland Islands population)


Phone prefix for Falkland Islands is 500 (more about Falkland Islands phone prefix)


Currency in , Falkland Islands is FKP (Pound) (more about currency in Falkland Islands)

About Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands is a country located in SA region. The city capital is Stanley. The total area in square km is 12173 and the population is 2638 people. The currency is FKP (Pound). The phone prefix is 500. The neighbours are:

Cities in Falkland Islands
Dangerous Point, Young Rock, Yorke Point, Yorke Bay, Wolf Rock, Wolfe Island, Wireless Ridge, Port William, Mount William, Wickham Heights, Mount Wickham, White Rock Point, White Rock Bay, White Rock, White Rincon, White Point, White Point, White Island, White Cliff Point, White Bluff, Whig Islands, Wharton Harbour, Whale Point, Whalebone Cove, West Swan Island, West Point, West Point, West Island, West Hill, West Falkland,