Guam / Oceania Region

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The population of Guam is 159358 people. (more about Guam population)


Phone prefix for Guam is +1-671 (more about Guam phone prefix)


Currency in , Guam is USD (Dollar) (more about currency in Guam)

About Guam

Guam is a country located in OC region. The city capital is Hagatna. The total area in square km is 549 and the population is 159358 people. The currency is USD (Dollar). The phone prefix is +1-671. The neighbours are:

Cities in Guam
Tracey Seamount, Santa Rosa Reef, Galvez Banks, Malaguana-Gadao Rise, War in the Pacific National Historical Park - Piti Guns Unit, Pelagi Islets, Perez Acres, Outhouse Beach, old Seaplane Ramp - US built WW2, Mobil Tanker Pier, Dog Leg Pier D, Piga, Pinay Point, Piti Village, Piti Bay, Piti Canal, Piti Boat Channel - Spain built 1800s, Piti Municipality, JP Piti Coastal Defense Guns WW2, Piti Heavy Fuel Diesel Powerplant 88 MW, Plaza de Espana, Cabras Heavy Fuel Steam Turbine Powerplant 132 MW, Polaris Point, Potts Junction Route3 - Route3A - Route9, Pugua Point, Punlan Dos Amantes Park, US Assault Beach RED ONE - USMC 3rd Regiment WW2, US Assault Beach RED TWO - USMC 3rd Regiment WW2, Ritidian Beach, Ritidian Point,