Hvitarfoss, Iceland Map


The time zone id for Hvitarfoss, Iceland is Atlantic/Reykjavik. (more about Hvitarfoss timezone)

Alternate Names

Alternate Names for Hvitarfoss, Iceland:


The population of Hvitarfoss, Iceland is 0 people. (more about Hvitarfoss population)


The elevation of Hvitarfoss, Iceland is 0 . (more about Hvitarfoss elevation)

Latitude and Longitude

Hvitarfoss, Iceland is located at 64.0643500 (latitude in decimal degrees), -17.4885300 (longitude in decimal degrees). (more about Hvitarfoss latitude and longitude), (more about Hvitarfoss gps coordinates)


Currency in Hvitarfoss, Iceland is ISK (Krona) (more about currency in Hvitarfoss)

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About Iceland

Iceland is a country located in EU region. The city capital is Reykjavik. The total area in square km is 103000 and the population is 308910 people. The currency is ISK (Krona). The phone prefix is 354. The neighbours are:

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