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The population of Jamaica is 2847232 people. (more about Jamaica population)


Phone prefix for Jamaica is +1-876 (more about Jamaica phone prefix)


Currency in , Jamaica is JMD (Dollar) (more about currency in Jamaica)

About Jamaica

Jamaica is a country located in NA region. The city capital is Kingston. The total area in square km is 10991 and the population is 2847232 people. The currency is JMD (Dollar). The phone prefix is +1-876. The neighbours are:

Cities in Jamaica
Orange Park, Harmony Vale, Booby Point, Sherwood Content, Zion Hill, Mount Zion, Mount Zion, Y.S. River, Y.S. Estate, Young Gal Hill, York Street, York Castle, York, York, York, Ylhanside, Yeary Yeary Gully, Yates Savanna, Yankee River, Yallahs River, Yallahs Point, Yallahs Hill, Yallahs Bay, Yallahs, Wreck Reef, Wreck Point, Wreck Bay, Worthy Park, Worthy Park, Worlds End Gully,