Kenya / Africa Region

Kenya Map


The population of Kenya is 40046566 people. (more about Kenya population)


Phone prefix for Kenya is 254 (more about Kenya phone prefix)


Currency in , Kenya is KES (Shilling) (more about currency in Kenya)

About Kenya

Kenya is a country located in AF region. The city capital is Nairobi. The total area in square km is 582650 and the population is 40046566 people. The currency is KES (Shilling). The phone prefix is 254. The neighbours are: ET,TZ,SS,SO,UG

Cities in Kenya
Mata Arba, Bur Gause, Umba, Mchongo, Lake Amboseli, Ogorchi, Miritini, Central Nyanza District, Zuti Road, Zuti Forest Guard Post, Zuti, Zulia, Zubaki, Zongoloni, Zongololoni, Jombo Forest, Zombo, Zombe Location, Zombe, Zombe, Ziwaiu Island, Mwamba Wa Ziwaiu, Ziwani Swamp, Ziwani Sub-Location, Ziwani Sisal Estates, Ziwani, Ziwani, Ziwa Estate, Zingu, Ziwa la Zikawani,