Lesotho / Africa Region

Lesotho Map


The population of Lesotho is 1919552 people. (more about Lesotho population)


Phone prefix for Lesotho is 266 (more about Lesotho phone prefix)


Currency in , Lesotho is LSL (Loti) (more about currency in Lesotho)

About Lesotho

Lesotho is a country located in AF region. The city capital is Maseru. The total area in square km is 30355 and the population is 1919552 people. The currency is LSL (Loti). The phone prefix is 266. The neighbours are: ZA

Cities in Lesotho
Windsor Castle, White Hill, Van Rooyens Gate, Upper Qeme, Ubutsuane, Tumahole Stream, Tumahole, Tubati Rock, Tsupani, Tsupane Gate, Tsuinyane River, Thaba Tsueu, Thaba Tsueu, Thabana Tsuana, Thaba Tsuana, Tsoloane, Thaba Tsoeu, Tsoelike, Tsoelike, Tsoana Makhulo, Tsoaing River, Tsoaing, Tsitsong, Tsitas Nek, Tsime, Tsime, Tsikoane Mountain, Tsikoane, Tsikoane, Tsiame,