Maldives / Asia Region

Maldives Map


The population of Maldives is 395650 people. (more about Maldives population)


Phone prefix for Maldives is 960 (more about Maldives phone prefix)


Currency in , Maldives is MVR (Rufiyaa) (more about currency in Maldives)

About Maldives

Maldives is a country located in AS region. The city capital is Male. The total area in square km is 300 and the population is 395650 people. The currency is MVR (Rufiyaa). The phone prefix is 960. The neighbours are:

Cities in Maldives
Voavah, Wiringili, Vilingili Channel, Viligili, Vilingili, Vilufushi, Wild Point, Wewoa, Weligandu, Weligandu, Weli, Weha Faro, Wegeli, Watu, Watedu, Wataru Reef, Wataru Channel, Wataru, Wataru, Warigili, Warifuri, Warenfuri, Warefuri, Wani, Wandu, Waluri, Wala, Vakkaru, Waikaradu, Wahifuri,