Mayotte / Africa Region

Mayotte Map


The population of Mayotte is 159042 people. (more about Mayotte population)


Phone prefix for Mayotte is 262 (more about Mayotte phone prefix)


Currency in , Mayotte is EUR (Euro) (more about currency in Mayotte)

About Mayotte

Mayotte is a country located in AF region. The city capital is Mamoudzou. The total area in square km is 374 and the population is 159042 people. The currency is EUR (Euro). The phone prefix is 262. The neighbours are:

Cities in Mayotte
Lac Zeann, Zoumougine, Ile Verte, Banc Vaucluse, Ilot Vatou, Tsonga Samazi, Trivani, Banc de la Surprise, Recif du Sud, Pointe Sud, Baie de Soulou, Sohoa, Passe Saziley du Sud, Passe Saziley du Nord, Passe Saziley du Milieu, Pointe Saziley, Morne Saziley, Mont Sapere, Sada, Recif du Sable Blanc, Morne Rouge, Pointe du Rocher, Pointe du Recif, Ilot du Recif, Banc de la Prudente, Proani, Recif de la Prevoyante, Recif Peitro, Passamenti, Pamanzi Be,