Montserrat / North America Region

Montserrat Map


The population of Montserrat is 9341 people. (more about Montserrat population)


Phone prefix for Montserrat is +1-664 (more about Montserrat phone prefix)


Currency in , Montserrat is XCD (Dollar) (more about currency in Montserrat)

About Montserrat

Montserrat is a country located in NA region. The city capital is Plymouth. The total area in square km is 102 and the population is 9341 people. The currency is XCD (Dollar). The phone prefix is +1-664. The neighbours are:

Cities in Montserrat
Zion Hill, Yellow Hole, Woodlands Estate Yard, Woodlands Bay, Woodlands, Woodlands, Windy Hill, White's Yard, White's Ghaut, White's Bottom Ghaut, White River, West Hill Settlement, Well Bottom Ghaut, Weekes Estate, Weekes, Webbs Estate, Webbs, Waterwork Estate, Wash Ghaut, Virgin Island, Victoria, Upser, Underwood Estate, Underwood, Tuitt's Ghaut, Tuitt's Bottom Ghaut, Tuitt's and Bethel Estate, Tuitt's, Triangle Rock, Trials,