Paraguay / South America Region

Paraguay Map


The population of Paraguay is 6375830 people. (more about Paraguay population)


Phone prefix for Paraguay is 595 (more about Paraguay phone prefix)


Currency in , Paraguay is PYG (Guarani) (more about currency in Paraguay)

About Paraguay

Paraguay is a country located in SA region. The city capital is Asuncion. The total area in square km is 406750 and the population is 6375830 people. The currency is PYG (Guarani). The phone prefix is 595. The neighbours are: BO,BR,AR

Cities in Paraguay
24 De Julio, 3 De Mayo, Fortin Zenteno, Zeballos-cue, Zarza, Zarate Isla, Arroyo Zanza pe, Zanjita, Zanjita, Arroyo Zanja Pyta, Zanja Pyta, Campo Zanja Moroti, Arroyo Zanja Jhu, Zanja Jhu, Zanja Cora, Rio Zamucos, Fortin Zalazar, Estacion Yuty, Yuty, Yuty, Cerro Yurumi, Arroyo Yuquyty, Estacion Yuquyry, Arroyo Yuquyry, Arroyo Yuquyry, Arroyo Yuquyry, Yerbales del Yuqueri, Yukiri, Arroyo Ytuti, Arroyo Ytu,