Saint Helena / Africa Region

Saint Helena Map


The population of Saint Helena is 7460 people. (more about Saint Helena population)


Phone prefix for Saint Helena is 290 (more about Saint Helena phone prefix)


Currency in , Saint Helena is SHP (Pound) (more about currency in Saint Helena)

About Saint Helena

Saint Helena is a country located in AF region. The city capital is Jamestown. The total area in square km is 410 and the population is 7460 people. The currency is SHP (Pound). The phone prefix is 290. The neighbours are:

Cities in Saint Helena
Wig Hill, Wideawake Fair, White Rock, White Rock, White Hill, White Bluff, Whale Point, Weather Post, Valley Tank, Upper Valley Crater, Unicorn Point, Travellers Hill, Fort Thornton, Thornton, Thistle Hill, Tartar Rock, Table Crater, Street Crater, Stackpole Point, Spoon Crater, Spire Rock, Spire Beach, South West Plains, South West Flat, South West Bay Red Hill, South West Bay, South Red Crater, South Pyramid Rock, South Point, South Gannet Hill,