Seychelles / Africa Region

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The population of Seychelles is 88340 people. (more about Seychelles population)


Phone prefix for Seychelles is 248 (more about Seychelles phone prefix)


Currency in , Seychelles is SCR (Rupee) (more about currency in Seychelles)

About Seychelles

Seychelles is a country located in AF region. The city capital is Victoria. The total area in square km is 455 and the population is 88340 people. The currency is SCR (Rupee). The phone prefix is 248. The neighbours are:

Cities in Seychelles
Zoroaster Shoal, Pointe Zanguilles, Wizard Reef, Wizard Island, Whale Rocks, West Island, Vigilant Shoal, Victoria Harbour, Victoria, Val-Mer, Ile aux Vaches, Umzinto Bank, Turtle Pond, Trompeuse Rocks, Trois Freres, Trois Dames, Trevor Point, Roche Tortue, Topaze Bank, Ile Therese, Ternay Pass, Ternay Bluff, Cape Ternay, Baie Ternay, Tatamahaka Bay, Anse Talbot, Anse Takamaka, Takamaka, Takamaka, Swan Shoal,