U.S. Virgin Islands / North America Region

U.S. Virgin Islands Map


The population of U.S. Virgin Islands is 108708 people. (more about U.S. Virgin Islands population)


Phone prefix for U.S. Virgin Islands is +1-340 (more about U.S. Virgin Islands phone prefix)


Currency in , U.S. Virgin Islands is USD (Dollar) (more about currency in U.S. Virgin Islands)

About U.S. Virgin Islands

U.S. Virgin Islands is a country located in NA region. The city capital is Charlotte Amalie. The total area in square km is 352 and the population is 108708 people. The currency is USD (Dollar). The phone prefix is +1-340. The neighbours are:

Cities in U.S. Virgin Islands
Beach Trail, Estate Denis Bay, Eagle Shoal, Upper Bethlehem, Abrahams Fancy Estate, Acacia Hill, Adelphi, Estate Adelphi, Adjett (historical), Adrian, Estate Adrian, Adrian Ruins, Adventure, Estate Adventure, Adventure Hill, Estate Agnes Fancy, Aitken Point, Ajax Peak, Al Cohen Mall Shopping Center, Alderhvile (historical), Aldershvile Hill, Aldershville Center for Senior Citizens, Aldershville Estate, Alexander Farrelly Justice Complex, Alexander Hamilton House Museum, Estate All for the Better, All Saints Cathedral School, All Saints Episcopal Church, All for the Better, Allandale,